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Pepper drying machine

The machine body of pepper drying machine is made of stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance and no pollution for peppers. The conveying part (contacting with materials) adopts food-grade 304 stainless steel mesh belt with high intensity, small scalability, less deformation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life, fully meet the national export food hygiene requirements.

Pepper Drying Machine

Equipment composition:
The drying machine, circulating fan, dehumidifying fan, ventilation pipes, heating equipment, temperature control box (equipped with temperature and humidity display), etc.

Structure features of pepper drying machine:

1. Equipped with ascending feeding device to elevate peppers from the ground up to the top of the mesh belt, greatly saves the cost of artificial feeding and improves the automation degree of the product.
2. Chamber structure with multi-layer stainless steel mesh belt in circulate movement. Materials are spread evenly on the first layer of conveying mesh belt by the lifting device and overturned by the chain into the lower level through the transmission of chain. The lower layer alternates reversely to the last layer for discharging.
3. The mesh belt of pepper drying machine is driven by the gear motor. Frequency converter is used for frequency control of motor speed. The conveying speed of mesh belt is adjustable to meet the technological requirements and water content of different materials.
4. The top of the device is equipped with circulation fan and natural draught. Also equipped with manual electric control devices and blades to adjust the air volume. It can effectively control the temperature of equipment to ensure the color and effect of peppers.
5. The front part is equipped with dehumidifying fan and internal circulation duct to make the steam in the equipment into circulation of air steam, saving the heat. The moisture expelled from bottom to top, keeping uniform temperature and color of the material.
6. The electrical control cabinet adopts button control, convenient and easy to operate. Equipped with temperature receiver, humidity receiver, the brand converter and control device, temperature and humidity are controllable and the speed mesh belt conveyor is adjustable.
7. Stepless regulation of drying time can be achieved according to the primitive state of material and finished product requirements to ensure that various technical indicators can meet the requirements in the drying process of materials.
8. The dryer is equipped with the outer insulation system with high thermal efficiency and obvious energy saving. It can effectively reduce internal heat dissipating in the device so as to save energy and greatly improve the pepper drying efficiency.

Advantages of pepper drying machine:

1. Good drying effect, yield of 100%, dehydrated rapidly and completely keeps original color and nature of the material.
2. The dryer can be made into multi-layer mesh belt type structure, circulation overturn, drying layer by layer, maximumly simulating artificial ted in the sun.
3. Alleviate the approximate sunlight damage in the nature and color of the material in the largest extent.
4. Through circulating drying and dehydration of materials in the dryer layer by layer. Finally, the moisture is discharged from the top directly. The contact time of moisture and material is very short, completely avoid the"retting" phenomenon caused by the too long contact of wet air and material to ensure the color of the material.

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