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Nuts Roasting Production Line

Nuts roasting production line is mainly used for the production and processing of peanuts, melon seeds, pine nuts, spiced beans and other products.


Nuts Roasting Production Line

It can be customized according to customers' needed output.

Sunflower seeds roasting production lineSunflower seeds roasting production line

This production line is suitable for roasting peanuts, melon seeds and granular nuts with the methods of steam and heat conduction oil heating. It combines roasting and cooling with adjustable speed, uniform roasting, high productivity, low energy consumption, no pollution and other characteristics.



Peanut production linePeanut production line

Peanut cleaning, heating, flavor penetrating, drying, picking assembly line with features of low energy consumption, labor saving, stable quality and so on. Adopts coal-burning and heat conducting oil heating, and can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s production requirements. The characteristics: the production line equipments are made of high quality stainless steel and polished by surface polishing with the characteristics of clean, high degree of automation, saving time and labor, low labor intensity and so on. It has the features of stable product quality, high yield, low cost, green and pollution-free.



Nuts roasting production lineNuts roasting production line

It can be used for roasting nuts materials such as peanuts, melon seeds, pistachio nuts, hazelnut and almond. Natural gas and liquefied gas can be used for heating. It combines roasting and cooling with controllable and adjustable roasting time, speed and temperature, fault alarm, uniform roasting, high productivity, low energy consumption, no pollution, no damage, fire heating and delicious taste etc.


Salty peanut roasting production line

Salty peanut roasting production line

The production line is used to roast peanuts, melon seeds and granular nuts. KMEC specializes in the production of peanut machinery with more than 10 years of manufacturing experience. The melon seeds drying equipment has been widely used in food processing and manufacturing enterprises.



Cooling belt of nuts roasting production line

The following is about the cooling belt of nuts roasting production line.
The section from the end of heat preservation belt to the kiln is called cooling belt, its purpose is to facilitate the operation of the kiln. In annular kiln, the length of cooling belt is controlled by the punching of the door. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of products, the shorter the cooling belt is, the smaller the resistance of the wind is, and the more conducive to the roasting.

In order to avoid a lot of cold air suddenly poured into the kiln chamber and to maintain the relative stability of the airflow temperature, the kiln door is not allowed to be punched at once, the outer wall should be punched first, punch the hole in the inside wall at the same time. For temperature sensitive materials, it can not be punched quickly.

The above is about the cooling belt of the nuts roasting production line. We all know that the nuts roasting machine is mainly used for the roasting or drying of peanuts. The loss of machine is greater, so consumers should choose roasting machine made by regular manufacturers, so that not only the product quality can be ensured, the maintenance of products is also guaranteed.

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