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Peanut microwave drying machine

Peanuts are rich in nutrition. They can not only be used as snacks, but also as the raw material for making cakes and high-grade and healthy oil after drying, roasting or curing.

The characteristics of microwave drying machine:
1, Uniform heating. Due to the effect of microwave on the water molecules, the part of high water content would absorb much microwave power than the part of lower water content. It's the characteristic of selective heating, which can achieve uniform heating and drying.
2, High efficiency and energy saving. Microwave can direct effect on materials, so there is no additional heat loss. The air inside the furnace and the corresponding container would not give out heat, so the thermal efficiency is higher and the production environment has been improved significantly. Compared with far infrared heating, 30% of power can be saved.
3, High efficiency and short drying time. Since the process of heat conduction is not needed in microwave heating, the microwaves penetrate the object from different directions into the internal object to achieve uniform drying of materials in a short time, effectively shorten the drying time.
4, Easy to control. Compared with conventional methods, microwave is easy to operate and microwave power and transmission speed is adjustable.


Microwave roasting machine Peanut microwave roasting machine

Microwave peanut drying equipment has the function of sterilization in the process of drying, which greatly increases the efficiency of production and deeply favored by enterprises. Peanut drying machine has simple structure, firm, good air permeability and drying performance, suitable for drying original taste and dipping peanuts, sunflower and other nuts of various flavors.

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