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Multi-layer chain plate drying machine

The customized multi-layer chain plate drying machine and oven designed and manufactured by KMEC can be used for drying and cooling a variety of materials, including puffed food, cereal food, snack food, etc. The plates of the multi-layer chain plate drying machine are stacked up with the minimum area to achieve the highest processing ability.

Chain plate drying machine

Compact design to improve the productivity of unit plant
The multi-layer chain plate drying machine is an ideal solution for plants with limited space. Using double and three layers of chain plate drying machine can double or triple the production without expanding the plant. The first-in and first-out material control of multi-layer drying machine can achieve continuous flow of material.

Product quality is guaranteed.
The multi-layer chain plate drying machine adopts partition temperature control and cross flow, and the heat treatment process can be customized for maximize heat/mass transfer efficiency. This design can ensure consistency of material properties on the plate. Multilayer design makes the material thickness deeper in the process of drying, so as to prolong the time of materials leaving on the plate and improve the efficiency and balance of drying. Airflow generated in the double wind chamber (optional part) can ensure the absolute balance of material moisture.

Hygienic design ensures clean and safe operation process.
The base and top plate of the dryer adopts inclined design for easy cleaning, and with continuous welding to achieve optimal sanitation. The hygienic door has thermal insulation door plank of continuous welding to prevent moisture from entering the panel. The inside surface of dryer is smooth with certain inclination to make the materials flow out without safety or health hazard. Spacious doors and removable panels are convenient for thorough and completed cleaning during routine operation.


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