Peanut Roasting Machine

Heat conduction working mechanism of peanut roasting machine

Roasting peanuts with peanut roasting machine is one of the main forms of peanut snack food. Peanuts are used as the raw material with the new technology of vacuum baking for processing. It shortens the time of roasting and the product has full grain, strong flavor, crisp without shrinking or wetting and loved by consumers. However, the oil content of baking fruit is higher, especially the unsaturated fatty acid content and vulnerable to be rancidity deterioration affected by light, heat, oxygen, moisture, etc. In the process of processing, the activity of free radicals would be stimulated through hot air or high temperature baking, which is easy to cause corruption of grease. This requires us to choose peanut kernels of good quality and excellent peanut roasting machine.


peanut roasting machine

Peanut roasting machine adopts the principle of heat conduction and thermal radiation with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (coal gas) as the heat source and far infrared radiation heating. It is equipped with intelligent electronic digital display and temperature control device, which can automatically control and regulate the oven temperature with high automatic program. The peanut roaster is professional equipment for roasting peanuts of milky white, spiced peanuts, original taste peanuts and other granular food. The following the heat conduction working mechanism of peanut roasting machine:

Objects can conduct heat, but the heat transfer conduction ability of different materials are different. Object that can conduct heat easily is called the good conductor of heat, while object that can not easily conduct heat is called the poor conductor of heat. Metals are good conductors of heat. Porcelain, wood, bamboo, leather, water are poor conductors. Silver is the metal that most good at heat conduction, followed by copper and aluminum. Cotton, wool, feathers, fur, asbestos, cork and other soft materials are weak in heat conduction. Liquid, except mercury, is not good at heat conduction, gas is even poorer than liquid.

KMEC is the earliest enterprise in development, design, production of peanut machinery and has been leading the development of peanut machinery industry for many years. We have many years of production experience and first-class production equipment. Aiming at "quality first, service first, customer satisfaction, integrity management", the company is constantly introducing new products to promote the development of peanut machinery.



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