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Matters needing attention in the use of peanut roasting machine

In order to improve the practical efficiency of production and processing, all kinds of nut roasting machine emerge and take up the whole market, including peanut roasting machine, melon seeds roasting machine, soybean roasting machine, etc. When using these devices, we need to pay attention to a number of things.


peanut roasting machine

1. Before the operation of the equipment, test running of the equipment shall be made, including check the insulation state and install the ground wire. There should be certain space around the equipment.
2. For liquid gas heating equipment, there must not be any gas leakage in each joint and valve of the equipment during operation. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, the gas tank should be away from the heat source and no dangerous goods should be stored in order to avoid danger.
Close the gas source after using.
3. The power supply of electrical heating equipment can be connected to three phases (380V) and single-phase electricity (220V). The leakage protector must be equipped, and the external power cord must be the copper core and larger than 6 square millimeters. The power line of some models must be larger than 10 square millimeters. Besides, the three-phase power must be connected to the zero line, otherwise it would damage the electrical appliances or not work. There should be professional electrician when installing the equipment.
4. When operating the reverse switch of the motor, the switch should be turned to the stop position if it is on the position of reverse. Wait for 2 seconds before turning the switch back to reverse position, otherwise it would seriously affect the service life of the peanut roasting machine.
5. The ball bearing shall be lubricated every half a month, and the gearbox shall be replaced every six months.

Proper operation of peanut roasting machine can ensure its normal operation and efficient working of the equipment, and the operators must be professional.


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