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Peanut Roasting Machine

Unique features of our peanut roasting machine


Peanuts are the most common food material and there are many forms of peanut in the market.
Biologists point out that peanuts are rich in fat and protein and can be used as a source of vegetable oil. With the increasing demand of peanuts and the development of mechanical automation industry, the professional equipment for quantity production - peanut roasting machine is invented and used by more


features of peanut roasting machine


and more people. Peanut roasting machine can not only used for processing peanuts, it can also be used in baking and drying of peanut kernels, chestnut, walnut, almond, broad beans, coffee beans, melon seeds and other granular materials. Compared with other peanut processing machinery, our peanut roasting machine has the following features:


1. Extended shelf life: heating with sterilization effect. It can achieve satisfactory sterilization in low temperature and very short time.
2. Fast and continuous working: it takes only a few minutes for roasting.
3. Easy to operate and maintain.
4. Improved production environment: the peanut roasting machine has no residual thermal radiation, no dust, no noise, no pollution, and it is easy to implement the inspection standard of food sanitation.
5. Peanuts after roasting have stronger flavor: the physical and chemical indicators of products processed by our peanut roasting machine are better with higher volatile components and less nutrient loss and stronger flavor.
6. The taste is better: the heating and puffing effect is obvious, so that the water molecules in the material can be rapidly vaporized to achieve the puffing purpose.


The market competitiveness of our peanut roasting machine is unmatched by other similar products. Peanuts after processing with the peanut roasting machine are crisp with strong flavor and the peanut puffing rate is high. The processed peanut can keep the original color, its high grade appearance and quality enhance the level of product. The shelf life is longer and the taste is better. Contact us to get more information of high quality peanut roasting machine.


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