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Timing and discharging of peanut roasting machine


Peanut roasting machine is an important peanut machinery in peanut food processing. In the operation of peanut roasting machine, timing and feeding are the two important steps of peanut roaster.


peanut roasting machine

1. The timing of peanut roasting machine
After debugging of peanut roasting machine, press the timing switch and set the time required. When debugging, you can be set only a few minutes first. After a period of time, the bell rings for alarm, which shows that the baking time is up. Then, the operator should turn off the timing switch and the alarm stops.


2. The discharging of peanut roasting machine
Turn off the timing switch when the alarm rings. Then, open the door plank of the material outlet to make the discharging gate unblocked. Push the stop button of the rotor and then push the reverse button, the material would be discharged out of the rotor from discharging mouth. Shut the door and press the stop button until the material is discharged completely, then press the forward button and the rotor starts to rotate forward. 


What should be noticed during the process of heating the peanut roasting machine? Here's a brief introduction:
(1) keep an eye on the temperature rise of peanut roasting machine, the rate of temperature increase should conform to the requirement of roasting curve;
(2) Observe the changes in the building site;
(3) Inspect the steel structure;
(4) Maintain proper furnace pressure;
(5) Make record of peanut roasting machine;
(6) Check the water cooling components.


Above are the timing and discharging of peanut roasting machine. Peanut roasting machine has the function of active filtration that prolongs the service life of the machine, saves the fuel consumption. It is a good helper for peanut processing.


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