Peanut Roasting Machine

The process of roasting nuts with peanut roasting machine

From the developing trend of process technology of nut processing, there are higher requirements in energy saving, environmental protection, quality, temperature and roasting speed on peanut roasting machine in nuts roasting industries. Now, the technology of drum type peanut roasting machine becomes more perfect. Nuts after roasting have no charring. Uniform heating temperature, automatic temperature control, automatic discharging, easy operation and thermal insulation layer ensure  consistent  color and moisture content of each roasting. It can be used in shopping malls, supermarkets, food stores, chain stores, street food, etc.


roasting process of peanut roasting machine

Peanut roasting machine can be seen as the most popular equipment in fall and winter. The roasted  chestnuts and pine nuts are nutritious with rich protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. Thus, it has excellent efficacy in growth and development of the human body, enhance physical fitness and disease prevention.  The following is the process of nuts roasting with peanut roaster machine.


In the initial stage of roasting, nuts are heat and the water inside of the cell walls starts to evaporate. In the evaporation process, the volume of water molecules swells and part of the water molecules  would  penetrate out of the cell through holes in the cell wall because of the high internal pressure. In the case of proper temperature, water molecules would be out of cells in accordance with the ideal state. While the cells can still maintain the shape before processing and it has become an empty shell with starch, protein, fat, inorganic salt crystals, tannin, pigment, resin, gum, vegetable alkaloid in it. At this time, the nuts are made up of shells and the volume of nuts does not change. When we chew the nuts, the bite force of teeth would make the cell walls fractured, and the crisp degree of nuts is perfect. Besides, most of the protoplast in nut cells and spices composition are retained.



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