Peanut Roasting Machine

The performance of peanut roasting machine

Peanut roasting machine is well known in the roasting of food. It is mainly used in reduce the water, drying and baking of peanuts, beans, nuts, seeds, etc. Adopting the principle of rotary drum, the peanut roasting machine takes a variety of burning gas as fuel with high working efficiency. The baking products taste pure. In order to use the peanut roaster better, we need to learn about its performance:


peanut roasting machine

1. Peanut roaster uses the natural gas, liquefied gas or coal as fuel and hot air as drying medium to heat the baking objects. In the baking process, baking objects flow into the inner drum through the inducer from the outer drum and flow back into the outer drum again. The material processed in the peanut roasting machine does not contact with fire or smoke that it can be heated evenly and effectively guarantees the baking quality.

2. The peanut roasting machine is mainly used for baking salty, crisp, fragrant peanuts, chestnuts, cashew, hazelnuts, ginkgo and other granular materials. The finished product, which is cooked through the peanut roasting machine, is good in taste and clean and can reach the entrance standard. It is proved that the peanut roasting machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, energy saving and easy operation.

3. The peanut roasting machine can be divided into electric heating, coal heating and gas heating machine according to the heating mode. It can also be divided into carbon steel and stainless steel according to the texture. The rotary drum and blade of carbon steel peanut roasting machine are stainless steel punch plate, the rest are made of carbon steel. While the drum, blade, outer plate, feed hopper and outlet hopper of stainless steel peanut roaster are of high quality stainless steel. We can also design the peanut roasting machine with different purposes and forms according to your need.

The products of the peanut roasting machine are now widely used in people's lives. Peanut roasting machine has many advantages, energy conservation, convenient, fast heating, less power consumption, stable performance, low running cost, long service life, easy operation and maintenance, etc. As long as knowing various properties of the peanut roasting machine, you can use the peanut roasting machine better.

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