Peanut Roasting Machine

Performance and application of electric peanut roasting machine

The electric peanut roasting machine is the main product of our company. The performance and application of the electric peanut roaster are described below.


electric peanut roasting machine


Electric peanut roasting machine is mainly used for drying and baking peanuts, almonds, broad beans, coffee beans, melon seeds, nuts, etc. It adopts rotary drum and the principle of heat conduction and thermal radiation. The heating tube is the heat source of peanut roasting machine with automatic temperature control that the baking products taste pure and the baking quality can meet the food hygienic standard.


Due to the advantages of energy saving, safety and convenient operation, the electric peanut roasting machine is widely used in many fields. Then, how should the peanut roasting machine be maintained? Believe that a lot of people are troubled by this problem.

1. Keep the surface and inside of peanut roaster clean, and remove the dust in time;
2. Check the current meter in time for normal operation. Maintain the machine timely when it is abnormal;
3. Check whether the vent is blocked and dust off in time;
4. Check whether the thermostat is accurate. If it is not accurate, please adjust the thermostat static compensation or the modification value of the sensor.


As professional peanut roasting machine manufacturer, we have many years of experience accumulation and learn from the advanced technology and management experience in domestic and overseas. The quality of our peanut roasting machine is assured and the price is reasonable.




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