Peanut Roasting Machine

The emergence of peanut machinery bring benefits to farmers


With the mechanization of production and living, the sowing and harvesting of agricultural products are now becoming more and more convenient.


peanut roaster

Peanut is a kind of household consumption crop. Because of the small size of peanuts, it is troublesome for shelling. Through years of development, the peanut peeling machine, peanut sheller and a series of related peanut machinery are invented to solve the problem of peanut peeling.

The emergence of peanut machinery greatly frees the farmer's hands, increases the working efficiency and reduces the working time. Peanut machinery used in the production has high safety performance that it can be controlled without professional operating method in the production, and problems would not appear with a little attention.


Peanut roaster is one of the most important equipment in peanut processing industry. It has the following features:
1. It has the advantages of stable performance, long service life, high yield and low damage rate.
2. The peanut roasting machine can be used as single machine or used with other equipment. It is the ideal processing equipment of milky white peanut kernels and fragrant spicy pastry due to its high operation flexibility.
3. Use differential speed rolling friction transmission belt. Peanuts can be peeled when the moisture content of peanuts is less than 5% after baking (avoid burnt). Peels would be sucked by the ventilation system so that peanut kernels are separated from the red skin automatically.

In addition to the peanut roasting machine, we also provide other peanut machinery with high quality and stable performance. Peanut machinery produced by our company have been highly rewarded by the vast number of customers on the basis of abundant technical force and years of production experience and our products have been exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions.

Through years of experience accumulation, appreciation and absorption of advanced technology and management experience, we improve our production ability and product quality continually. Welcome customers from home and abroad to contact us and visit our company.



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