Peanut Roasting Machine

Operating requirements of peanut roasting machine

Peanut roasting machine plays an important role in peanut processing. It is an important machine for roasting peanuts. The following are some of the requirements when using the peanut roasting machine.


operating of peanut roasting machine

1. Make repair and maintenance plan of peanut roasting machine. At the same time of making the annual production and operation plan, the equipment maintenance plan should be made as well to be fully implemented in time, money and manpower. 
2. Setting up the repair and maintenance institution of peanut roasting machine and maintenance personnel with clear and definite responsibility. Provide technical training before mount guard. Besides, the necessary spare parts reserve is indispensable.
3. Make a real record of repair and maintenance of peanut roaster machine and set up a fault diagnosis team to analyze the cause of the failure and study the measures of repairing and maintenance.
4. Make the maintenance and maintenance system suitable for the enterprise, and make sure that the peanut roasting machine is running properly.
Above are the operating requirements of peanut roasting machine. In fact, well repair and maintenance should be made for any machine so as to ensure the normal use of peanut roasting machine.

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