Peanut Roasting Machine

Solution to the oil leakage of peanut roasting machine

Roasting peanuts with peanut roasting machine is a major form of peanut snack food. Peanuts are used as raw material and the new technology of vacuum baking is used for processing. It not only shorten the processing time, but also make the product crispy with strong flavor, full grain and not shrink and enjoyed by the vast majority of consumers.


peanut roasting machine


However, peanuts after roasting have high oil content, especially the unsaturated fatty acid, which is vulnerable to be influenced by light, heat, oxygen, moisture and go bad. In the process of processing, the activity of free radicals would be stimulated through hot air or high temperature baking and lead to corruption of grease in the product easily. This requires users to use excellent peanut kernels and peanut roasting machine.


Solution to the oil leak of peanut roasting machine:
1. Add oil-resistant rubber slab
Solve the oil leakage problem caused by lubricating ring and oil injection hole to prevent it from splattering. In the production of the peanut roaster, enlarging the diameter of the oil spit hole can promote the lubrication of the shaft and reduce the probability of oil leakage.
2. Reasonable control oil injection quantity of valve
Large oil injection quantity would lead to the loss of oil and then leaks through the lubricating ring. The solution is to adjust the amount of oil and reduce the oil pressure of the peanut roaster to control the valve.
3. Clean the oil hole of the oil pipe at regular intervals to ensure normal pressure in the tube
In the initial use of the peanut roasting, it is important to develop a regular test plan, observe and record the blocking of hole by dust accumulation.If the hole is blocked, the pressure in the tube will increase that the oil spray will increase and lead to oil leakage.



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