Peanut Roasting Machine

Multiple uses of peanut roasting machine

Peanut roasting machine is the continuous drying equipment using steel mesh as a conveyor belt for carrying materials. It can be used with other equipment or alone. The following are the main characteristics of peanut roasting machine:


peanut roasting machine

1. Large drying area, large intensity of drying;
2. Adopting double wind distributing circulation structure, heat evenly, there is no partial drying phenomenon;
3. The mesh belt has good air permeability and the residence time can be adjusted freely. No violent movement of material, nonbreakable;
4. Divided into several units, circulation loop of each unit can be controlled separately.


As an important equipment in the processing of peanut, the maintenance and repair of the peanut roasting machine is quite important. We have to pay attention to the maintenance of the machine in the process of using, especially the triangular belt in the peanut roasting machine. When a new conveyor belt has been used for a period of time, it would be extended as a result of the action of tensile elongation and get loose at the same time. Thus, the belt should be checked regularly. The tensioning degree of each drive belt and the gap of the coordination parts should also be inspected and adjusted timely. We should also note that when using the peanut roasting machine, we should pay attention whether the speed, sound and temperature of the machine are normal.


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