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Making fish skin peanuts with peanut roasting machine


As we know, peanut is a common food that can keep us in good health. The following is a summary of the nutritional value of peanuts:


fish skin peanuts

1. Peanut contains vitamin E and a certain amount of zinc, which can enhance the memory, resist aging, delay brain function decline and moisturize our skin.
2. The vitamin K in peanuts has hemostasia effect. The hemostatic effect of the peanut skin is even 50 times higher than that of peanuts. Thus, it has good hemostatic effect on various bleeding diseases.
3. Unsaturated fatty acids in peanuts have the effect of lowering cholesterol, which can be used to prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease.
4. Peanut contains a kind of biological active substances - resveratrol. It can be used in prevention and treatment of tumor diseases, but also the chemoprophylaxis agent for reducing platelet aggregation, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, disease of heart head blood-vessel;
5. In the digestion and absorption of soluble fiber in the fibrous tissue in peanuts by human body, it would absorb liquid and other substances like a sponge, and then expand and discharged out of the body with faeces, thus reducing the accumulation of harmful substances in the body and the toxic effect, reducing the chance of intestinal cancer.

Fish skin peanut is a kind of high quality peanut product, which is famous in China and abroad. It is a replica of peanuts. The fish skin peanut has an attractive aroma and rich in nutrition. It is a good choice for tea tasting and wine.


peanut roasting machine

In fact, the fish skin peanut comes from Japan. Because the cooked rice flour is mixed with fish skin glue, thus it is called fish skin peanut. Salty, sweet and crisp, fish skin peanut is quite popular with the masses. It is also exported to Hong Kong, Macao and southeast Asian countries.

Peanut roasting machine is an essential equipment for making fish skin peanuts. Peanuts have rich flavor and nice look after roasting with our peanut roaster. If you are interested in making fish skin peanuts, welcome to contact us to get more information about it.


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