Peanut Roasting Machine

Maintenance method of peanut roasting machine


The mechanical properties of peanut roasting machine would decline after long-term using if it is not maintained and the service life of the equipment would be greatly reduced as well. Thus, simple maintenance of peanut roasting machine can be made after using for a period of time to keep high working efficiency of the equipment.


peanut roasting machine

1. Before using the peanut roaster, add motor oil to each oil filter and check whether the turbine box is short of oil every week and oil should be added timely.
2. Turn off the air switch at the end of per shift. All materials inside the drum should be cleaned up if not using the peanut roaster for a long time, and drop a small amount of oil on the feeding mouth and rotate for three minutes continuously, ensure there is oil in the drum to prevent the drum from getting rust.
3. If it is found that the screen is broken, remove the outer tube of the outlet and fill up the mesh screen.
4. Start the peanut roasting machine and idle for 10 to 15 minutes under the long-term unused circumstance, clean up the impurity in the drum and heat the oil in it.
5. The machine must be turning when heating. After turning off the electric furnace, the machine still needs to turn for 5 to 8 minutes.

Above is the method of simple maintenance of the peanut roasting machine. Users should not only pay attention to the use of the equipment, but also make certain maintaining regularly to avoid some unnecessary loss and keep the peanut roaster in good condition.

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