Peanut Roasting Machine

Instructions on the use of the peanut roasting machine

Peanut roasting machine has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, high quality and low price. Meanwhile, it has the advantages of low noise, time and energy saving, stable performance and convenient movement. It can be applied to peanut processing and vegetable processing in food factory, canteen and individual business. The peanut roasting equipment is popular with the masses of users due to its excellent performance and reasonable price.   


peanut roasting machine

It is believed that peanut roasting machine is not strange to us, the following are the instructions on the use of peanut roasting machine and the matters needing attention when operating it.
1. Coal of high quality should be used in the production of peanut roasting machine. In the process of making a fire, the fire grate should be cleaned in time in order to prevent poor ventilation caused by the coal coking.
2. The oil tube on the expansion tank should be checked before making a fire. The oil level should be around 20mm higher than the bottom of the glass tube. 330 # heat conduction oil should be added timely if the oil level can not reach the standard.
3. The feed inlet, outlet and air outlet should be closed when the temperature rises to ensure the operating temperature of peanut roasting machine. Open the air outlet valve after feeding to discharge the moisture.
4. The feeding of each rotor cage should have an interval of 10 to 15 minutes to prevent discharging at the same time, affecting the quality of roasted peanut.
5. Clean up residual slag on the bottom of the furnace to prevent fire bar blocking, affecting the time of warming up.
6. In the baking process, the forward and reverse button should be started intermittently to make the peanuts heated evenly.
7. In the baking process, if power failure appears, the reverse handwheel should be turned quickly to discharge the peanuts in peanut roasting machine to prevent the peanuts getting burned.
8. At the end of the work, stop heating quickly to make the temperature of oil and roasting machine drops rapidly. When the oil temperature drops to 80℃, stop the circulating pump. When the oven temperature drops to 80℃, stop the turning cage to prevent static deformation under high temperature.
9. Start the high temperature pump immediately after making a fire to accelerate thermal oil circulation. When the oven temperature reaches 80℃, start the forward button to make the turning cage into work state in order to prevent the high temperature static deformation.
10. In the process of work, the turn cage should stop completely, then start the reverse button in order to prevent the inertia effect that may damage the motor and other parts.
11. In the baking process, the working temperature for roasting peanuts without peel is 180℃ for about 20 to 25 minutes, while the working temperature for roasting peanuts with red skin is 200-220℃ for 60-70 minutes. On the basis of different peanut moisture, the staff should roast 1-2 furnace first to get the data for batch production.



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