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How to roast spiced sunflower seeds

Spiced sunflower seeds is a traditional product of roasted sunflower seeds. In the process of production, a variety of seasonings need to be added in sunflower seeds. The finished product is crispy and delicious, therefore it is called the spiced sunflower seeds. The production process of spiced sunflower seeds includes screening, cleaning, boiling, seasoning, roasting and secondary air separation, among which the boiling, seasoning and roasting are the key to the taste of finished product. The following is the production method:

In the boiling and seasoning process, put sunflower seeds into the pot with spices and boil with water to make the aroma of the spices into sunflower seeds. The specific approach is that first inject water in the pot, and then put the seasoning bag with Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, cinnamon, cloves and edible salt in it according to the taste requirements of the customer and heat over high heat. Boil the water in the pot and endure for about 20 minutes with medium heat. After the taste of the seasoning bag dissolve in the water, you can put the sunflower seeds into the pot after washing. Stir fully to make the sunflower seeds mixed with seasoning evenly, then use pot cover or burlap with good permeability to cover the pot and heat over high heat. In the process of cooking, open the pot cover to fully mix the sunflower seeds in the pot to sunflower seeds been cooked evenly. Meanwhile, you should pay attention to the amount of water in the pot to add in time and prevent being dried up. After the sunflower seeds have been fully cooked, stop heating. Cover the pot for about 30 minutes to make the sunflower seeds more tasty. The boiling time takes about 2 hours.

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Drain the water of the boiled sunflower seeds after seasoning, then they can be roasted. There are two purposes of roasting: one is to dry the moisture on the sunflower seeds, the other is to make sunflower seeds crisp. Small batch roasting can be achieved by using the drum roaster machine. Large batch roasting need to be done in the multilayer drying machine, which has four layers of net rack and each layer stacks with each other and can be turned. There is a spanner to control the rotation of each layer. When roasting the sunflower seeds, spread the sunflower seeds evenly on the first layer of rack with the thickness of 4cm. Stir constantly when roasting. Preliminary dehumidification of sunflower seeds can be achieved after 15 minutes or so. Then, turn the control spanner to turn the sunflower seeds of the first layer rack to the second layer and continue roasting. Then, put new sunflower seeds on the first layer and roast layer by layer in this way. The roasting time for sunflower seeds on the fourth layer is about 15 minutes, then the roasting is finished. The whole roasting process takes about an hour. The temperature of sunflower seeds after roasting is higher. In order to prevent moisture regain, they should be put in ventilated shade place. Then, you can weigh, seal and package the sunflower seeds according to the specifications and ready to sell.



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