Peanut Roasting Machine

The way to prolong the service life of peanut roasting machine

The emergence of peanut roasting machine brings great convenience to peanut roasting enterprises, also improves the efficiency of peanut roasting. At present, almost all the roasted peanuts in the market are produced through the peanut roasting machine. Frequent use of peanut roasting machine would affect the service life of it, so we need to think of some ways to prolong its service life and improve our working efficiency.


peanut roasting machine


1. Before using the peanut roasting machine, check whether the fasteners are tightened, the rotating part is flexible and whether there is lubricating oil in each bearing. The peanut roaster should be placed on the stable ground.
2. When the motor is started, the direction the rotor rotates should be in line with the direction that the machine requires. Idling for a few minutes and observe whether there is any abnormal sound and then feed the peanuts evenly.
3. Select the suitable sieve according to the size of the peanut.
4. When the peanuts are being fed, it should be evenly and in moderation, and it should not contain debris or rocks in case of breaking the peanut and causing mechanical problems. When the sieve is covered with the peanuts, the peanut outlet can be open.
5. When the peanut shell in peanuts increases, the electric motor can be moved down to tighten the fan belt and increase the air volume.
6. When operating, do not stand on one side of the belt drive to avoid injury.
7. Ensure sufficient lubricating oil in the driving area and bearing and clean and replace the lubricating oil regularly.
8. When storing the peanut roasting machine after using for a period of time, the dirt on the appearance and internal residual grain should be clear out and the belt should be removed separately. Use diesel to clean the bearings and dry them and then coated with butter after drying. The machine should be covered in a dry storage room to avoid being exposed to the sun and rain.


Pay attention to the daily use methods of peanut roasting machine and other nut roasting machine can achieve better using effect and make the service life of the device longer. The working efficiency of peanut roasting machine can be improved and increase the enterprise's income, promote enterprise and social economic development.



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