Peanut Roasting Machine

How to achieve high yield and low consumption of peanut roasting machine


With the scarcity of resources and energy shortage, energy saving has become the development premise of all walks of life. The use of energy like coal, electricity and water resource has become the link that industrial enterprises must attach importance to. Then, how to achieve high yield and low consumption of peanut roasting machine?


peanut roaster

1. The recycle of cooling water
Larger fan and pump are used in the production. The cooling of motor is achieved by circulating water cooling, thus it can save a lot of water.
2. Requirements on overall  thermal insulation performance
The drying equipment of peanut roasting machine is a closed micro-negative pressure system, heat loss of every link would affect the entire device.
3. The choice of heat source is crucial
Peanut roasting machine is the device that makes use of heat to dry materials with high moisture content. The use of thermal energy plays an important role in the drying process.          
4. The distributor plays an important role
The thermal energy of the stem contacts with the material through the distribution of the hot air distributor. Thus, the process is directly related to drying degree of the product.
5. "Wind" "fire" and "material"
The key to improve the yield of peanut roasting machine is to achieve the balance of the "wind, fire and material". First, determine the ventilation rate of the dust catcher and specifications of peanut roasting machine, and then determine whether the heat supply of high temperature fluidized bed is suitable.

The following is the application and scope of application of roasting machinery:
Meat product roasting: roast chicken, roast duck, roast goose, roast suckling pig, kebabs, dried meat, roast duck neck, roasted sausage, roast rabbit, baked ham, grilled steak, fried chicken, grilled fish, barbecue pills, chicken fillet, beef burger, bacon and pet food, etc.
Fruit and vegetable baking: tomatoes, beans, peanuts, radish, cucumber, pepper, black fungus and other rehydration vegetable and a variety of fruits.
Medicinal herbs roasting: fruit medicinal herbs, animal medicinal materials, seed medicinal herbs, rhizome herbs, flower medicinal materials, herba medicinal materials, cortex herbs, fungus medicinal materials, etc.
Other industrial use: tobacco baking, polymer clay baking, drying of electrical and electronic products as well as drying, baking and heat treatment of non flammable explosive materials of aging, instruments, materials and semiconductor production enterprises, etc.

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