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Common failures and solutions of peanut roasting machine


There may be some problems in the process of using peanut roasting machine. The following are some common faults and solutions that may appear in the operation of peanut roaster machine.


common failures of peanut roasting machine

1. The rotation speed of the drum is not steady, because the belt is too loose.
Solution: tighten the belt of peanut roaster.
2. The drum does not turn, because of the belt fracture.
Solution: replace the belt.

3. Heating up of peanut roasting machine is too slowly, because the heating pipe is partially or completely burnt.

Solution: check it carefully and replace the electric heat pipe.
4. Temperature failure in the heating process. The upper temperature limit works normally, while the lower limit drops continuously, because of temperature meter and thermocouple failure. Solution: replace the temperature controller and thermocouple of same model.


The five main points needing attention when using peanut roasting machine
1. The operating room must maintain indoor ventilation. The exhaust fan and other exhaust facilities can be added to eliminate the exhaust gas produced when the gas is burning in time.
2. The storage of flammable and explosive products and other solid liquid fuels shall be prohibited in the workplaces. It is recommended that users should not use two kinds of gas sources at the same time.
3. Users should often check whether the indoor gas facilities are in good condition, and paint the liquid soap on the joint of the gas piping system to check whether the gas leaks, and the use of open fire is strictly prohibited.
4. It should be supervised in the process of gas burning in case of accident. The main gas source should be cut off after using.
5. After work, cut off the gas source, and stop the equipment when the temperature of drum is below 100 degrees to avoid deforming.


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