Peanut Roasting Machine

Precautions for use of coal - fired peanut roasting machine

The coal-fired peanut roasting machine is one of the main equipment used in nut roasting industries. Then, what should be noticed when using the coal-fired peanut roasting machine?


peanut roasting machine

1. Before use, connect the power cord by professional electrician and the input voltage is single phase 220v and the blower voltage is 220v, 200w.
2. After connecting the line, first make test running of peanut roasting machine to ensure that the turning and reversing of drum and the operation of fan are normal.
3. When using the peanut roaster, insert the hopper in the bottom of the machine, then turn the coal feeding mouth on side of the machine open and add the wood for igniting, and then add the coal. After ignition of the block, the roller should be be turned forward, and the fan should be open to ignite the coal.
4. The temperature on the display is the approximate temperature. Choose the right temperature according to the material to be roasted. After putting materials for cooking, open and close the blower in time in order to keep the temperature constant.
5. After the roasting is finished, the drum is inverted to pour out the material, then put materials into peanut roasting machine for continuous production.
6. After working, first turn off the blower. Then, take the coal out from the coal scuttle board on the bottom of the machine. Then, there is no fuel in the furnace. When the temperature drops to 100 degrees, the drum can be stopped.

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