Peanut Roasting Machine

Characteristics of microwave roasting machine

1. Selective heating is used to ensure uniform heating and drying.
2. Energy saving and high efficiency. Microwave effects on the material directly, so there is no additional heat loss, the thermal efficiency is higher and the production environment is also significantly improved. Compared with the far infrared heating, 30% of energy can be saved.
3. Short roasting time and high efficiency. The microwave heating is to make the object itself becomes a heating unit without the process of heat conduction so that the object can be heated uniformly in a very short time, which greatly shorten the drying time.
4. Easy operation and advanced craft. Compared with conventional method, the microwave roasting machine can be used once start without heat inertia, flexible and convenient to operate; microwave power can be adjusted and the transmission speed is also adjustable. In the microwave heating and drying, no waste water or waste gas is produced, which is a harmless high technology.


Microwave roasting machine Peanut microwave roasting machine

General roasting machine is relatively large and covers a large area. The ambient temperature is relatively high with poor labor conditions and high intensity. While microwave peanut roasting machine covers a small area, avoids high ambient temperature and the working conditions of workers has been greatly improved. The size can be customized according to the production. Our company can also provide a prototype for process test. Welcome all the friends come to visit and negotiate.



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