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Canadian customer ordered sweet potato roasting machine

On June 1, 2016, our customer from Canada purchased the sweet potato roasting machine from KMEC. After running the sweet potato roasting machine for a period of time, he said that the operation of the roasting machine is quite stable. Thus, he is quite satisfied with the quality and operation of our sweet potato roasting machine and the service of our company as well. After enlarging the scale of the production, he would order more machines from our company.

Sweet Potato Roasting Machine Packing of Sweet Potato Roasting Machine

Sweet potato roasting machine is used to roast all kinds of agricultural products like sweet potato, apple, yellow pear, corn, taro, potato, etc. It is made of whole plate of stainless steel with large capacity and small entrance. The roasting machine can save 30% energy compared with ordinary roasting machine.

Sweet potato roasting machine produced by our company has 9 holes and 11 holes to choose from. The efficiency of inhaling oxygen is excellent and the firepower is uniform. Scorched or burnt phenomenon would not caused by too much fire. There is a heat transfer and insulation cabinet with large capacity in the top, which allows you to cook more delicious food in limited times. Contact us to get more information about the sweet potato roasting machine.


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