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Belt type sunflower seeds roasting machine

The belt type sunflower seeds roasting machine produced by KMEC is in box structure with multilayer conveyor belt in circular movement. Materials are sent into the machine from the hopper and uniformly distributed on the first layer of conveyor belt through the feeding wheel of conveyer, then overturned by the chain into the under layer through the transmission of the chain. The lower is turned reversely and alternately until to the last layer for discharging. The dry air generated by the steam through the heat exchanger blows upwards from the bottom of the fan and contact with materials in countercurrent for mass and heat transfer, thus achieve the purpose of moisture removing.

The characteristics of multi-layer belt type sunflower seeds roasting machine
Process parameters of the GFR type belt roaster (including the temperature, material level, transmission speed) can be monitored by the monitor. The roasting time can be determined by the primitive state of material and finished product requirements with stepless regulation to ensure that various technical indicators of the material in the baking process can meet the requirements.
The equipment is equipped with outer insulation system with high thermal efficiency, energy saving.
The roasting machine adopts layered blowing and counter-current drying and segmented temperature control. The properties of vegetable and other materials in moisture conveying are considered with uniform water removing and good drying effect.
The parts contacting with materials are made of stainless steel (all stainless steel roasting machine can also be made according to user’s requirements) with strong corrosion resistance, no pollution to materials.
Simple process, small area occupation, convenient operation and maintenance and good reliability.

Sunflower seeds & sunflower seeds roasting machine


Application of multi-layer belt type sunflower seeds roasting machine
The multi-layer belt type sunflower seeds roasting machine is suitable for drying agricultural products like sunflower seeds, carrot, onion, eggplant, fermented soybeans, shallot, tomato, mushroom, candied fruit, chestnut, tea as well as traditional Chinese medicinal materials and sheet, strip and grainy materials, especially the materials with lower dehydration speed.



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