Peanut Roasting Machine

Application of peanut roasting machine in the production of fried flour-coated peanut

Fried flour-coated peanut is a kind of high quality brand, which is produced in Xiamen. It is a special local product of peanuts. Since the flour coat is mixed with fish skin glue, it is called fish skin peanut. The fried flour-coated peanut has an attractive aroma and rich in nutrition. Thus, it is a delicacy to be eaten together with tea and wine.


peanut roasting machine and coating machine

The original fried flour-coated peanut production is manual processing, thus the yield is low. The demand is higher for the workers in order to ensure the color and aroma of the fried flour-coated peanut. Now, with the emergence of fried flour-coated peanut production line, the above-mentioned problem has been  solved.

Equipment needed in the fried flour-coated peanut production line: mixing machine, coating machine, octagonal polishing pot and peanut roasting machine. Other delivery and packaging equipment can also be used according to the budget. Peanut roasting machine plays a critical role in the production of fried flour-coated peanut. The fragrant of peanut is embodied in the roasting of peanuts. If the peanut roaster you use is of poor quality, the peanut yield would be lower and the taste is bad, which greatly reduces the economic benefits of customers.

Therefore, the peanut roasting machine used in fried flour-coated peanut production should be prudent. As a professional peanut roasting machine manufacturer in China, we provide all kinds of peanut roasting machine with different capacities to ensure different production demand of users. Welcome to contact us and purchase our peanut roasting machine.



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