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The advantages of microwave roasting machine



1, Short roasting time and fast heating
Microwave heating is the loss of electric field energy of medium material itself. Thus, the processing time of microwave heating is greatly shortened, usually only a few tens of seconds or minutes are needed to achieve the satisfactory effect under the strength of a certain power density.

2, Microwave low temperature drying and sterilization to keep the nutrition
Compared to conventional heating, microwave heating can achieve the required roasting effect in lower temperature and shorter time and can keep more food nutrients and color, taste and shape of the products.

3, Energy saving
The conversion efficiency of microwave power is higher, generally over 80%. Microwave direct effects on food, while the machine body is not heated, thus, there is no additional heat loss, so the microwave roasting machine is energy saving, generally 30-50% of electricity can be saved.

4, Uniform roasting
Conventional thermal roasting starts from the material surface to the internal material through heat conduction. In order to maintain the flavor and shorten the processing time, often the inside temperature is not higher enough, which may influence the baking effect. Although increasing the processing temperature can improve the phenomenon, however, it would lead to the quality losses of products on the color, aroma, taste and shape. Microwave has penetrating performance, it can effect on the surface and internal part of products the same time and guarantee with the internal and external temperature up to the required value so as to roast evenly.

5, Easy to control and realize automatic production
The operation of microwave roasting machine is simple, easy to control, no thermal inertia. It can process according to different specification requirements of food processing, which reduces the operation personnel and the production cost.


6, Improve labor condition and save space
Microwave equipment has lower temperature, no thermal radiation and does not produce heat itself. Microwave roasting machine can greatly improve the working conditions and save the space of plant due to its compact structure. Our company is the company specializing in the production of peanut machine and providing design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales service. After nearly a

decade years of development, our company has become a large peanut equipment manufacturing enterprise in domestic. Existing products mainly include the peanut roasting machine, peanut butter machine, peanut sheller, peanut peeling machine and other single machine series, and we can design and manufacture various types of industrial food, vegetables and dried fruits drying production line according

to customers' requirements.

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Characteristics of microwave roasting machine

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