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The four advantages of commercial peanut roaster machine

Are you still wondering why the roasted seeds and nuts sold on the market are always better than what you make? The only reason is the device. The commercial peanut roaster machine of our company is produced on the basis of continuous development and improvement. Excellent equipment produces excellent products. The peanut roaster machine mainly has the following four advantages:

commercial peanut roaster machine

1. Uniform heating and good sealing.
The commercial peanut roaster machine adopts unique drum structure with good heating and sealing effect. Feeding and discharging of nuts and seeds are quite convenient.
2. Full automatic temperature control.
The roasting temperature can be controlled automatically and it can be adjusted and displayed in the form of numbers, which is particularly good for closed roasting. The production rate of the products can be increased by 3-5 percentage points.
3. Strong mobility.
The peanut roaster machine is small with 4 moving universal wheels. It is widely used in the street, night market, temple fair, snack street and other places with no rent and low cost.
4. Horizontal roller roasting and automatic discharging.
The material rotates in the drum when roasting without sticking and discharged automatically, which is convenient and fast.

As the professional peanut roasting machine manufacturer, we provide all kinds of commercial peanut roaster machine, chestnut roasting machine, sweet potato roasting machine, etc. We have won the trust of customers and established a long-term and stable cooperation by good reputation and excellent service. We sincerely invite customers all over the country come to discuss cooperation matters.




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