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How to roast crisp peanut with peanut roaster

Spiced salt peanuts are very common in the markets or supermarkets. They are usually in bright color and crisp taste and often roasted by the peanut roaster. During the roasting process, peanuts are spread flat in the peanut roaster to be heated more evenly. The peanuts can be taken out for about ten minutes when the color turns a little gold. Thus, it is very convenient. Below are the steps of using the peanut roaster to roast crisp peanut:

Peanut Roaster

1, Wash and dry the peanuts. Add a little peanut oil and stir evenly.
2, Set the temperature of peanut roaster at 180 degrees and roast for 10 minutes without preheating.
3, Take out and cool the peanuts.
4, Sprinkle a little salt on the peanuts and stir well.

Then, the roasting of delicious and crispy peanut is finished. The specific time of peanut roasting can be set according to the circumstance of peanuts or controlled by yourselves. In addition, the peanut roaster is more suitable for industrialized production, so that peanuts can be roasted in large quantity and the color of peanuts would be more attractive. Please feel free to contact us if you need the peanut roaster at any time. We supply many kinds of peanut roasters with favorable price, also offer free operation guidance services.


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