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Electric chestnut roaster machine

Our chestnut roaster machine is used for roasting different kinds of nuts, seeds, beans, etc. such as peanut, groundnut in shell, peanut kernel, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, macadamia, cashew nuts, broad beans, sunflower seeds and other granular products. When the machine works, it firstly put the medium (salt, sands) in it, after they got hot put the seeds in. After working, rollback the machine, the final seeds will come out, and the medium will stay in ready to another working cycle.

Chestnut roaster machine

Features of chestnut roaster machine:
1. Automatic constant temperature
2. Without stopping, continuous making production stability           
3. Heating medium (salt, sand) automatic high-speed separation, automatic feeding and keep recycle separation to mixing from rolling drum, save manpower           
4. Frequency conversion speed, multi-usage
5. The chestnut roaster machine can take electric or gas as heating energy supply.
6. The whole process of rolling, roasting and letting out are operated automatically.

We sale all kinds of roaster machine for customers all over the world. High quality products,good reputation and perfect service can attract many business partners. The chestnut roaster machine produced by our company are in easy operation and low price. Welcome to purchase our chestnut roaster machine.

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